Digital Signage Software for Advertising
the right message, at the right place and at the right time

Advertising still remains one of the primary use-case for most digital signage softwares. Digital Display Out-Of-Home Advertising or DOOH, as it is often called, helps deliver the right message, at the right place and at the right time. Whether you’re targeting potential customers, partners or even employees, you can now use our 1Play APP for improving the overall ambiance of any Out-Of-Home Venue.

Government Digital Display Solution
easily inform the population with important info

Government agencies often use Digital Display solutions to show various facts that may catch the eyes of the viewers. Still, it’s important to remember that certain changes may affect the public on both national and local level. Now, with one computer, it is very easy to instantly place nationwide updates on all of your TV Digital Displays, informing the people of necessary info in a matter of seconds.

Retail Display Solution
enhance your customer’s experience. improve the overall vibe

Putting up new offers on your retail display solution will enhance your customer’s experience and improve the overall vibe. You will have the ability to change what’s on the Digital Display in order to match the type of items you want to promote. For example, If you are a clothing retailer, you can get positive feedback about your jeans, shirts and many more( all your images show up on your portrait TV Display). If you own a restaurant, then the digital menu board is one of the best way to promote your exquisite products.

Restaurant’s Digital Menu Board
instantly switch up promotions

One of the things owners love the most about digital menu board presented on 1Play Digital Signage Software is the ability to make spontaneous changes at any given moment. The digital menu board is one of the easiest way to get more customers for your restaurants or food courts. Being able to instantly switch up promotions is just one of many simple features. Also, any promotions that you are running can be easily adjusted for your needs, plus you can add attractive data (like calorie counts) to the 1Play TV Digital Display Solution.

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