(1) Create a free 1play.tv account
       You can have a 30 day free trial account , with no credit card required! You can renew anytime you need to, with no restrains.

(2) Get your Playbox
      Playbox is provided by us and it’s ready to go. You can always use your own Raspberry Pi 3 using our DIY  procedure to create one Playbox.

(3) Connect the playbox to your TV display using either 5V power adapter or TV USB.

(4) Use Unique ID show on your TV display and add new playbox in your 1play account.
     Fill up all the available fields (Name, address, WiFi network name, WiFi key). Connect to the internet using Ethernet cable or if it’s not possible, use the custom Mobile Hotspot (name:1play, password:1play.tv). After the Internet connection=Yes, restart Playbox and then reconnect to the TV display.

(5) Upload your media, create your own playlists and then add them on your group of playboxes.
      Just upload your images or videos, add them to a Playlist and spread them to the groups of playboxes.

Simple and easier than ever.

You can upload various media format files. We recommend 1920×1080 pixels images and digital movies. You are able to use images, videos, scrolling text, ip cameras video streams and Websites links plus local URL content.

The service is really easy to install and use. We will provide you the Playboxes that are simply plug-and-play. We also give you the option of using DIY  procedure to make your own playbox.

Our solution uses scalable technologies that can support thousands of monitors under a single account. We provide mass management of multiple monitors, making 1play the easiest solution for thousands of units. For white labelers we provide a wide scale of user type as: distributors,  dealers, etc.

The answer is: YES for all. If there is an internet outage, 1Play displays will continue to work fine, up to a full month if your wallet is not empty. WIFI is enabled by default on your Playbox.

Yes, You have the possibility of using vertical display using a single click.  If you want can use as many you want display in portrait mode to build your own videowall.

Very Easy. Simply go in the videowall tab and combine paired playboxes to the desired wall form and then connect them using one regular 8 Port Fast Ethernet Switch (10/100 Mbit) or router(preferred), which you can buy from any local computer shop. 
For a 2×2 videowall you will need:
– 4 x working and registered Playboxes;
– 1 x 10/100 Ethernet Switch that you can buy from any local computer store;
– 4 x Ethernet cables (UTP).
Ethernet switch is used for internal playbox comunicating. For 1Play server connection, you can use WIFI .
Our solution provide bezel compensation and very accurate frames syncronization.

Our 1Play servers support a wide variety of images, as well as a broad variety of video formats. The application easily converts many types of image and video formats in order to provide a nice smooth playback.

1PLAY supports any resolution and any TV Display size, but our recommendation is FullHD (1920×1080) TV displays.

Of course. You can use the “1Play.tv” application, that’s been designed using very responsive features and a mobile-friendly interface.

Indeed it is, but this depends on the SD CARD storage included in the Playbox kit.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Specs

The latest version of the Raspberry Pi, featuring a quad-core 1.2GHz ARMv8 CPU.

SD Card

We provide an 8GB Class 10 SD card, ready to boot.

Power Supply

We include a Raspberry Pi-compatible power supply, but some TV Displays provide power from USB.

HDMI Cable

We include a standard HDMI cable (male-to-male), rated for 1920×1080 resolution. 

The service is prepaid.

If you provide a payment before the end of your 30 days trial, you’ll be automatically upgraded to our payment plan and thus you will be charged according to our pricing.

If you don’t provide a payment during the trial, your account will be suspended. This means you won’t be able to add any more screens, and any added screens during the 30 days trial will have displayed a friendly message (EXPIRED). After entering your payment details, your service will be reactived immediately .

First, You have a FREE 30 days trial account. After that, there is no minimum enrollment. You will only pay as long as you use the system, therefore we will charge you for the active screens that are running content for a full month prepayed. You can cancel at any time, but you will not be refunded for the unused period of subscription. Keep in mind that if you have no active screens, your account will be suspended until a new subscription is made, and after 12 months of inactivity, your account will be deleted.

1. Restart the playbox and check onscreen status for network connectivity.
2. If you are using Ethernet cable, check the connection or contact your internet provider.

3. If you are using WIFI, check your WIFI router or contact your internet provider.
If you change the WIFI password, please do not forget to modify it in your 1Play account first.
If you forgot to modify it first in your account, your playbox will go offline. To renew your status you must
connect your playbox to the internet using Ethernet cable or connect by creating a mobile Recovery Hotspot like in Q1… and then change your password in your account.

Because the player not deleting media from the SD card even if it’s not used, so the SD card is used and wasted uniformly and used media files are not downloaded every time. When the card hits 80% usage, the player will start erasing files wich are not used in current playlist

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