○ manage all your Playboxes ( TV displays ) from just a simple webpage. 

○ create playlists for one or more TV displays

○ group TV displays easily to handle as units

○ locate TV displays when you need to send playlists at a glance and get a large TV overview by combining several TV displays into a matrix. 

○ easy installation: plug in, connect the cables for each new Playbox and you'll be all set in no time, even without the need of a keyboard.

ON/OFF screens


Every Playbox runs automatic maintenance and updates for a simpler installation
and easier management.

Scrolling text

For getting attention to your screens, 1Play gives you the possibility to play horizontal edited texts or RSS Feeds, which are running in loop.

Wifi connection

Very simple online connection, using WIFI. Just write your wifi network name and password on your account, after the playbox setup.


Just upload your own apps or scripts on the Playboxes. Your zip archive may contain a simple script with some custom commands that will be executed on the Playbox, or very complex apps written in any language (C/C++, Python, Bash, Qt, basically anything that can run on Linux). This app will be started alongside our player and sharing the same screen. For example :

  • queue systems
  • buses info channels, show next stop on a bus
  • display weather and other live information
  • info kiosks
  • Basically there is no limit, your app will be deployed and updated without hassle.


    Show webpages on your TV Screen, just write the URL link and the playboxes will play on the Chromium browser your content. You can also upload (zip format) any kind of webpage with an index line such as: index.html.

    Synchronized video displays

    Set up stunning synchronized video displays in no time. Our solution is the perfect choice for retailers, museums and brands for seemless video across multiple screens in the same LAN.


    The entire application runs on the internet. No license. No specialized hardware except Raspberry PI. This is a prepaid service. You pay what you need and you can deactivate it at any time.

    Playlist scheduling

    It allows you to schedule a playlist to run in a specific date range and/or run in specific times and/or run on specific days of the week. The same way you can schedule one playlist or more to run within a screen or a group of screens.


    You can create as many walls of TV displays as you want, arranged in any regular matrix you desire. You can have a huge image to a new videowall, that's very simple to deploy and use. Get the playboxes (for each display) and connect them to a network switch. That’s all!

    Offline use and auto reboot

    If the internet is down, your screens will still be working, and if you have an interuption in power, the software will automatically reboot the device and continue with playlist content.

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