Create a 1Play user account 

1) Click HERE and follow the steps to add a new user account
2) Connect to the Login address with the new created user-credentials and proceed to STEP 2.


PlayBox enrollment in 1Play Application

For Tv stand alone
1. Connect PlayBox to the TV using the HDMI cable 
2. Power PlayBox TV using a Micro-USB cable
3. Connect it to the Internet:
    a. Using a UTP cable
    b. With a hotspot created from a mobile phone
             i. Hotspot name: 1play
             ii. Hotspot password:
4. After connecting to the Internet, the TV screen will display a code in the application for enrollment

Into the account application screen

5.1PLAY – 1Playboxes will be introduced following : 

5.1.1 The code is displayed on the TV screen (Unique ID)
5.1.2 Playboxes Group that will display the same playlist (My group – by default)
5.1.3 WIFI network data connection allocated (SSID +  the access router SSID password)
5.1.4 Timezone site where the PlayBox is working
5.1.5 The images display mode (portrait or landscape)
6. The process is completed by pressing SAVE.


Application Usage
1. In the Media screen press the Browse button and populate the allocated Cloud space with images or movie files (coming soon HTML5 and video streaming).
End by pressing the SAVE button.

2. In the Playlists screen it’s achieved the desired structure of the list of pictures or movies that will be broadcasted on a specific group of PlayBox sites (Default: My playlist).
End by pressing the SAVE button.

3. Add the files you want by pressing the + button, and set the desired stationary time on the TV screen (image files only).
End by pressing the SAVE button.

4. In the Groups screen choose the desired playlist adding the + button, and after that set your hours for the broadcast of the playlist.
End by pressing SAVE.

5. On the TV screen, after a period that depends on the size of the files loaded in the playlist (1-3 min), the TV screen will start playing at the time set by you, the images of the chosen playlist.

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