Cloud-Based Digital Signage

easy to deploy and easy to use


○ manage all your Playboxes / TV displays from just a simple webpage.

○ create playlists for more TV displays

○ group your TV displays easily to handle as units

○ locate TV displays when you need to send playlists at a glance and get a large TV overview by combining several TV displays into a matrix.

○ easy installation: plug in, connect the cables for each new Playbox and you'll be all set in no time, even without the need of a keyboard.


For the moment, 1PLAY is available
in the following languages:
English, Spanish, Russian and Romanian.
More to come !


The entire application runs online. No license. No specialized hardware, except Raspberry PI. Thus, this is a prepaid service and it can be deactivated at any time without further notice.


Every Playbox runs maintenance and updates automatically, for a very simple installation and management.


Just upload your own apps or scripts on the Playboxes. Your zip archive may contain a simple script, with some custom commands that will be executed on the Playbox.

And just as well, you can have very complex apps written in any language (C/C++, Python, Bash, Qt, basically anything that can run on Linux).

The app will be started along side our player and will be sharing the same screen.

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Go Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Your Digital Image Is About To start

You can now show to your customers, in a environment-friendly manner, a clear and representative image, with your own branding, all of your featured products and practically unlimited customisation

The Sky's The Limit

You can easily create Unique playlist Campaigns That Help Your Business Grow

With the new feature: CUSTOM APP it’s possible to connect various types of devices and any type of application

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Share your vision

You are free to create various types of scheduled or permanent playlists

Grow your Business

Only using modern solutions that can expand your business in a quick and safe manner


The payment will be made only for the active screens. You can deactivate the unused screens and reactivate them on request

Simple and easy to use

Create your playlist, assign it to the groups of playboxes and that's it. You're all set

Web Page as media

You can also create webpages and assign them to playlists, or show them as custom playlist.

variuous Content ​Type

Should you need, it's just as easy to create playlists using almost all type of media items. images, movies, webpages, streams etc.

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