Easy, affordable and reliable cloud based Digital Signage service.

With 1Play Cloud Digital Signage you can control and manage your media ads on any number of TV's using just the notorious Raspberry Pi mini computers as players.


1Play Cloud Digital Signage service

1Play Digital Signage is a cloud application available as a prepaid service. Connect one Raspberry Pi to each TV through an HDMI cable, and then through the 1Play cloud dashboard you can transmit any type of media file to the screens. In this way, you can manage any number of TV screens you have, from anywhere, immediately and easily.

Our Values

Three most important reasons to choose 1Play


You can start now, no tech skills required. Just write our ready-to-use image on the sdcard and power up your Raspberry Pi's, we call them Playboxes.


Unbeatable prices, maybe the most affordable solution on the market.

Flexible billing

Prepaid billing system, activate and deactivate players as you like, pay only what you use.

Use Cases

Digital Signage
for any Industry


Shops, supermarkets, malls and more can use digital signage to engage their customers and increase sales.


Movie theaters, bowling alleys, and more rely on digital signage to entice customers into spending more at their facilities.


Cafes, bars and restaurants know digital signage menu boards increases sales by promoting specials, cross-selling and upselling menu items.


Hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies rely on digital signage to educate visitors and promote services.


Buses, subways and trains use digital signage to attract travelers and provide real-time traffic updates. Shipping companies also display promotions and advertisements.


Schools and universities engage students and teachers by sponsoring school events and clubs.

Gyms & Fitness

Digital signage screens help gyms and fitness centers increase sales.


Hotels enhance the guest experience by using digital signage to promote and sell on-site services and welcome guests.


Companies are integrating digital signage into their HR strategies to strengthen team connections. Digital signage also increases productivity by displaying KPIs and data dashboards.

Our Clients

1Play is used all over the world, we have clients in almost every country and every continent.