1Play Digital Signage Software Features & Βenefits

Use the power that 1Play offer and use your media content to make your message stand out. Unlock your content potential.


Scale your digital signage with 1Play
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Automatic updates

When a new feature is released, all the players will automatically update to the latest 1Play software version.

Auto turn ON and OFF your TV's

Automatically turn ON and OFF your TV's at specified hours to save energy.

Wifi connection

Many Raspberry Pi mini computers models have wifi built-in, Pi3, Pi4, PiZeroW and PiZero2W.

Real-time screenshots

You can view in almost real-time what your players are showing on the screens.

Works offline

Playboxes will continue to show your media ads even if there is no internet connection.

Auto start and reboot

Playboxes, by default, will start after power loss and will auto reboot if something hangs or is not working as expected.

Synchronized play

Choose a master Playbox and all the "slave" playboxes will display media ads at the same time. Incredible effects can be achieved with this feature.

Playlist scheduling

For every playlist, you can specify the exact time it will be shown on your screen.

Proof of play

Create reports for every media item displayed on your screens by showing: First play, Last play, Screen count, Exposures, Exposure time.


Group screens into videowalls, for example group 4 screens into a 2x2 videowall that is visible from longer distances and attracts more attention to your ads.

Sdcard protection

We have implemented many techniques that protect your sdcards from wearing out. We do not have any reported bricked sdcard since 2016.

Bandwidth congestion protection

The players will not consume all the available bandwidth in your locations, we have implemented bandwidth throttling.

Easy offline recovery

Using any smartphone, create a wifi hotspot near your Playbox and it will use it to sync the new network settings from the Dashboard.

Zero Trust Firewall

All players are firewall locked and cannot be accessed from the network, not even your local network.

Encrypted communications

Players communicate with our servers using only SSL/TLS encrypted data channels.


We have a very simple to implement Whitelabel program, with your own domain, your own logos, your own brand, your own prices, your own support, your own payment system and many more.

Hardware accelerated

The player software uses hardware accelerated techniques to display your media on the screen, again this helps reduce the power consumed and cpu temperature.

Works on any Raspberry Pi model

The player software is written in C++ programming language, providing low cpu usage, low memory consumption, low power drain from the AC adapter and lower CPU temperature.

Media types supported

Show images and videos on your screen with just a few clicks.

Display webpages with 1Play Cloud Digital Signage by providing the URL or even injecting Javascript code on page load. Same-origin policy is disabled.

1Play Digital Signage software provides you the possibility to display apps written in any programming language (C/C++, Python, Bash, Qt, basically anything that can run on Linux).

Create your app, test it on a dev Raspberry Pi, zip your app and start deploying it to your players via 1Play Dashboard.

Decide what part of the screen will run 1Play slideshow and what part of the screen your custom app will use.

Some example:

  • Queue systems
  • Buses info channels, show next stop on a bus
  • Display weather and other live information
  • Info kiosks

  • Basically there is no limit, your app will be deployed and updated without hassle.

    Create your full html app, archive it using zip and add it to your playlist.
    The player will unzip it and open the main index.html file using Chromium browser.
    Upload zip archive containing your HTML files (html, images, folders, css, js, svg, json, etc.), just remember to have the index.html file in the root of zip archive.

  • read reports data from other apps
  • display a realtime updated queue, read data from IOT sensors
  • show fullscreen RSS news with images and even videos
  • show next stop on a bus
  • display an animated clock
  • info kiosks
  • Play RTSP Streams from ip cameras, NVR's or any video device that exports RTSP.

    You can play horizontal edited texts or RSS Feeds ontop of your images playlist.
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