Raspberry Pi Digital Signage
Simple and easy to use

Pair the power of the Raspberry Pi with 1Play to get latest professional digital signage solution.
Unlock your screens potential.


Raspberry Pi Digital Signage Solution

Why 1Play chose Raspberry Pi for digital signage?


Accessible price

The Raspberry Pi mini computer is the most cost-effective option on the market. It’s secure, reliable, high-performing and flexible.

Easy remote management

It can be remotely controlled even if your Raspberry Pi digital signage players are miles away.

Trusted Solution

With more than 30 million devices worldwide, this single-board computers has been thoroughly tried and tested.

No moving parts

No fans, no maintenance needed, no dust attraction, no noise.

Save energy

The Raspberry Pi uses about 2 Watts of power, you save energy while helping the environment.

High availability

The Raspberry Pi is found everywhere. Forget any supply issues, you can find them in every country at affordable prices.

Compatibile with all versions

All generations of Raspberry Pi's that have been released are compatible with 1Play digital signage solution.

High resell value

Raspberry Pi mini computers are used in many projects all over the world.

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