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Frequently Asked Questions

Playbox is the Raspberry Pi mini computer used as a player for showing your ads/images/videos/apps/websites.

For a Playbox you will need:

  • One Raspberry Pi, we recommend Pi3, Pi4 and PiZero2W but with some small limitations, 1Play software will work on ALL Raspberry Pi models.
  • One SD Card, 8GB or more, Class 10, choose a known brand if you can.
  • One Official Raspberry Pi Power supply, depending on the Pi model, there is a different connector.
  • One HDMI Cable, depends on the Raspberry Pi model, the cables may differ. HDMI-HDMI, HDMI-MiniHDMI, HDMI-MicroHDMI, please check the Pi specs.
  • One case (optional), if the Playbox will be hidden behind the TV, you can omit the case.
    1. Create a free account in our Dashboard here
      You can have a 30 day free trial account , with no credit card required! You can renew anytime you need to, with no restrains.
    2. Get your Playbox, a Raspberry Pi, from your local computer store or online, as you prefer. Follow our very simple DIY procedure to create your first Playbox, after you register, for free.
    3. Connect the Playbox to your TV display using either 5V 2A power adapter or you can power the pi from TV usb, please make some tests before, not all tv's provide enough power via usb ports.
    4. Use Unique ID shown on your TV display and add new Playbox in your 1Play Dashboard account. Fill up all the available fields (Name, address, Group, WiFi network name, WiFi key. etc.). Connect to the internet using Ethernet cable or if it’s not possible, use the custom Mobile Hotspot (name:1play, After you see "Internet connection=Yes" on the screen you can turn off the Hotspot.
    5. Upload your first media files, create your own playlists and then add them on your group of playboxes.
      Just upload your images or videos, add them to a Playlist and spread them to the groups of playboxes.

    6. Simple and easier than ever.

    You can upload various media format files. We recommend 1920×1080 or 1080x1920 pixels images and videos. For a full list of media items supported please check Features section

    NO! That's the ideea! The service is really easy to install and use. We have ready to use Linux image, you just need to write it to your sdcards. See more in DIY section after you login.

    Yes: If there is an internet outage, 1Play displays will continue to work fine, up to a full month if your 1Play wallet is not empty.

    Yes: New models of Raspberry Pi have Wifi. Pi3, Pi4, Pi Zero 2 W or even Pi Zero W.

    Yes, we support Portrait orientation. Portrait mode works even in Videowalls and nice setups can be achieved. Contact us for any question.

    The size of the TV does not matter, it can be any size. The resolution best supported by Raspberry Pi is FullHD (1920x1080 or 1080x1920).
    Pi4 is able to display 4K resolutions but we only support it for images, for video decoding 4K is not yet ready for production usage, we are working on it.

    Of course. You can login in our Dashboard application from any device, desktop pc or mobile.

    The limitation comes from the sdcards you have for your Playboxes. Most of our clients use 16GB sdcards and it is more than enough.

    The service is prepaid and it is based on days. Every day at 00:00 (UTC) the system will consume 1 day from your 1Play wallet, for every active Playbox.

    Every new account receives 30 days for testing.

    You will need to add days to your 1Play wallet by placing an order in the Orders section of our Dashboard.

    When there are no more days in your 1Play wallet, the Playboxes will be unregistered and on the screen there will be a "UNREGISTERED" message shown. If you place an order for buying more days your screens will resume normal operations in a few seconds.

    You will also be notified when your wallet is almost empty.

    First, you have a FREE 30 days trial account. After that, the billing system is prepaid, you buy in advance the number of days you need, there is no minimum enrollment. You can cancel at any time, but you will not be refunded for the unused period of subscription. Keep in mind that if you have no active screens, your account will be suspended until a new subscription is made, and after 12 months of inactivity, your account will be deleted.

    First things to be checked:

    1. Restart the playbox and check onscreen status for network connectivity.
    2. If you are using Ethernet cable, check the connection or contact your internet provider.
    3. If you are using WIFI, check if your WIFI network is still visible in that location.

    If you change the WIFI password, do not forget to modify it in your 1Play account first.
    If you forgot to modify it first in your account on our Dashboard, your Playbox will go offline and you need to recover it, please follow these steps:

    Recovery method 1 (ethernet cable):

    1. Login in 1Play Dashbord and change the Playbox wifi settings with the new Wifi Network and Password
    2. Temporary connect that Playbox to the Internet via an Ethernet cable from your network and wait to become Online again, it will read the new Wifi NetworkName and Password and reconnect back to your new Wifi network.
    3. Now you can disconnect the cable, the Playbox will remain connected to your Wifi network.

    Recovery method 2 (wifi hotspot):

    1. Login in 1Play Dashbord and change the Playbox wifi settings with the new Wifi Network and Password
    2. In the proximity of the offline Playbox create a Wifi Hotspot with your smartphone using:

      NetworkName: 1play
      Password :

    3. Note: Don't worry, when in recovery mode, the Playbox will not download any media, it will only sync the basic settings from the Dasboard.

    4. Wait until on the Playbox screen you will see a message "RECOVERY".
    5. Wait until the Playbox has status Online in our Dashboard.
    6. Turn off the Wifi hotspot and the Playbox should be ok now.

    Simply go in the videowall section in our Dashboard and combine registered Playboxes to the desired wall form and then connect them using one regular 8 Port Fast Ethernet Switch (10/100 Mbit) or router(preferred), which you can buy from any local computer shop.
    For a 2×2 videowall you will need:
  • 4 x working and registered Playboxes.
  • 1 x 10/100/1000 Router with 1 WAN and 4 LAN ports (you can disable wifi on that router), you can buy it from any local computer store.
  • 4 x Ethernet cables (UTP).

    For 1x2 or 2x1 Videowalls there is no need for a Router or a Switch, the Playboxes can be connected via a normal Cat5/6 cable and for the internet connection you can use Wifi.

    For bigger Videowalls you can use normal Ethernet Switches with 5,8, 16, 24 or even 48 ports, in case you want to build a huge Videowall.

    Connect the Playboxes to LAN ports of the Router and your office network in the WAN port, basically you will have 4 Playboxes isolated (Layer3) from your local network, it is a recommended setup for reliability.

    We have more info in the Videowalls section in our Dashboard and feel free to contact us, we will help you with any setup.

    Our solution provides bezel compensation and very accurate frames syncronization.

    If the logo of the TV is bigger than the frame, you can flip the TV's from the first row and your Videowall will look very good.

    For Videwall setups, please contact us and we will help you find the best technical solution.
  • There is no limit. Our solution uses scalable technologies that can support thousands of Playboxes under a single account. We provide mass management of multiple Playboxes, making 1Play the easiest solution for thousands of units. For white labelers we provide a wide scale of user type as: distributors, partners, endusers, etc.