Do it yourself guide

Build yourself a Playbox for 1Play Digital Signage. You just need a Raspberry Pi.


SD Card images (1Play ready):

V15 Raspberry PI image file for sdcard (Debian 10, all Raspberry Pi versions, recommended)
V12 Raspberry PI image file for sdcard (Debian 9, works on Pi1, Pi2, Pi3, PiZero and use it only if you need Scrolling Texts on top of videos)


Win32DiskImager for writing the img file to the sdcard.
SD Card Formatter for sdcard format (if needed)


  • Any Raspberry Pi model, we recommend the models with wifi and quadcore cpu: Pi3, Pi4 and PiZero2W. 1Play software works great also on Pi1, Pi2 and PiZeroW but try to keep your playlists simple and only with images and videos.
  • Plastic or metal case (optional)
  • Class 10 Micro-SDCard 8GB or bigger
  • HDMI Cable (high speed recomended)
  • One Official Raspberry Pi Power supply, depending on the Pi model, there is a different connector.

  • Download the latest Raspberry PI image from above and write it to SDCard using Win32DiskImager on your Windows PC. The image is zipped so you need to extract it and will result in a file named Vxx.img, where xx is the version number.

  • Plug the SDCard into Raspberry PI
  • Plug in the ethernet cable or use the Wifi Hotspot from any smartsphone, at the end of this guide you will find more info about the Recovery Hotspot.
  • Connect HDMI cable to the TV
  • Power up using a power supply. You can even try to power the Playbox from the TV usb but not all TV's provide enough power on those ports. Make some tests.

  • Wait a few minutes until on the screen will be displayed the message UNREGISTERED PLAYBOX.
  • On the screen, 'Internet connection' status message should be 'OK', if not, check your internet connectivity and reboot the playbox.

  • Go to Playboxes section in your 1Play account and add a new playbox using shown Unique ID.
  • Setup credentials for your WIFI network if available.

  • Wait until your new playbox is marked as Online (green).
  • If there is already a playlist assigned, the box will start downloading the media files and display them.

That's ALL.