A few words about us

Our mission

We want to offer the cheapest, most reliable and easiest to implement and use digital signage solution on the market.

Our story

We started with an idea in 2016 and immediately put ourselves to work with enthusiasm, in a niche market.

From the beginning we wanted to provide our customers with a very simple application, easy to use and understand, which can be implemented on a reliable, cheap and easy to buy hardware from anywhere in the world.

That's how we got to the famous Raspberry PI Hardware, and from there, everything is history. It's like only a few days have passed since the first functional playlist displayed, or the first 2*2 videowall added to the office.

In time, Raspberry Pi together with 1Play cloud digital signage have proven their efficiency. The defect rate for Raspberry Pi is close to zero, given that the equipment is used in the most varied and heavy working environments.

From what we know after studying the market, we are probably the first company that has successfully implemented the Prepaid solution for the daily payment of the digital signage service. Through this method we give the possibility to the customers to pay exactly as much as they need for the service offered. There is no limitation for the customer – he buys as many days as he wants for his screens, taking into account the generous discount grid, and uses the service only when he really needs it. It can be paid by Paypal, by card or by bank transfer and the purchase will be immediately seen in the wallet.

Due to the flexibility, the ease of operation of the solution as well as the payment method and the very low price in relation to the competition's offer, we have now come to manage through 1Play a very large number of screens, from all over the world.

We are proud of the fact that once customers discover us and test our product, they remain loyal to us. This means for us the guarantee that what we do is good and represents our daily satisfaction.

Test the application yourself, free of charge, without any obligation, you do not need the card to test and we do not use your email address for any unsolicited activity. You just need a Raspberry Pi that you can buy from anywhere and an account that you make here: